To clear up confusion from so many clues ...

See your situation from a higher level. e.g. If you are an employee, ask how would your manager see this? If you are a student, what would be your teacher's perspecctive?

A problem at one level is easily solved at another level. Examples below:
  1. A boat can be BOTH narrow AND wide at the same time. Just take a look at a catamaran!!
    Individual hulls are narrow, so they are fast but unstable.
    Combined, at the system level, the whole boat is wide and therefore stable.
  2. At one time, they needed some poles to support equipments that would collect weather data in the North Pole. If the poles were too heavy, it was difficult to transport them across the hostile terrains. If too light, the winds will easily topple the poles.
    The solution is a light pole with a curious design. It is light on the way to the North Pole. But once you place it there, it gathers snow and ice and becomes heavy and sturdy.

See also
  1. how Bruce Lee trained to get both speed and strength
  2. how the British Mosquito fighter plane in World War 2 was both light and safe
  3. how Gladdis(in his book "On Grand Strategy") advised to break up paradox and dilemmas