Good jobs are very rare.

Maybe there are good jobs. But I have no connections.

There are good jobs. But I have no degree/certificates.

There may be good jobs. But I have no skills.

Oh, what about our "rivals" that we have chosen not to compete with?


LinkedIn, Monster etc

You are prepared to "marry beneath yourself" and "race to the bottom."

e.g.You offer to work for half of your normal rates or salary.

e.g.If you are a surgeon, you switch your career to teach high-school biology.

Instant success

LinkedIn, Monster etc

You are having aspirations or chasing dreams. You want to raise your living standards.

Wait for a few decades.


You are willing to read 20 thousand books.

You are blessed and lucky and will stumble upon 2 or 20 pages you really need.

10 years

or 1 hour

Psychotherapists, resume strategists, consultants, shamans,etc

You can spend a couple of hundreds or thousands of $$$.

Excellent to mediocre results

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