Talent War: With a Job

Without Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, you help your company die faster.

Talent War: Without Job

Without Critical Thinking, you won't make the right choices when acquiring new skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Without Problem Solving, you can't develop alternative skills, experiences, and qualifications.

At CandoPi, we offer top courses in these important skills, helping you succeed in a changing job market.

Your Benefits

First, you get a great resume with shining alternative skills, experiences, and qualifications.

Second, the reputation of these shining alternative skills, experiences, and qualifications will start opening all sorts of doors for you, including doors to "hidden jobs".

Finally, you pay per lesson/session. If we don't deliver, you dump us after a single lesson. Fair!

Your Benefits, Only from Us

First, our soft skills lead/serve    both "soft" and "hard/tech" fields.    e.g. philosophy or programming, marketing or machine learning, cooking or calculus, our lessons help you.

Finally, our small and simple AI toolset is good at divergent, visionary thinking.

Ready to make your job journey easier? Join us here. Let's turn your dreams into reality! 🚀

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