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Networking / Elevator Pitches

Why do people with similar skills and talent, get very different jobs, roles and salaries?

First, successful job hunters exploit networking opportunities better.
They can capture the listener's attention, generate interest, and make good first impressions. They can also leave a lasting impression.
They can showcase their value with clarity and focus, and with superb time efficiency.
They can differentiate themselves from other candidates
They can set the right tone for follow-up discussions and interviews.

Fewer "rejections" and less "silent treatment" for them.

Second, successful job hunters create networking opportunities better.
Their elevator pitch generates buzz. The wickedly wonderful result: other people become their unpaid brand ambassadors.

No "hidden jobs" for them.

Third, successful job hunters seem to know where they are going.
Today careers are non-linear, and full of unexpected chaotic transitions.

Less fear for them.

Take inspiration from these individuals.

Alexa Shoen. CandoPi, positioning for jobs.
Alexa Shoen, a BA(English), received the UK's Exceptional Talent (Technology) visa (only 200 such visas each year).

Erica Jorgensen. CandoPi, positioning for jobs.
Erica Jorgensen, a journalism major, excelled as a content designer and content strategist at major tech companies.

Peter Guenter. CandoPi, positioning for jobs.
Peter Guenter, a Physical Education student, secured significant roles in pharma.

More about such examples

You can clone networking / elevator pitches from LinkedIn, or ask chatGPT to generate them for you.
Bad idea.

1• You will look, sound, and smell fake and phony.

2• It's common knowledge that same sales scripts can lead to very different results.

3• Because you don't understand the why's, the rationale, you won't be able to adapt.

Your Benefits Only from Us

1• We force you to get in touch with your own virtues or at least basic decency or humanity.
Translation : 10 years' worth of psychotherapy, for free.

2• As you feel more worthy, you will dream more widely, more wildly, and more abundantly.
You will honor your dormant desires that arise from your blood, sinews, bones, guts and heart.
Translation : Vision.

3• As you feel more worthy, you will look more widely, more closely, more long-term and more objectively.
Translation : Strategy, Direction.

4• You will start to see it's dumb to fake, to limit your potentials, to clip your own wings.
Translation : Courage.

5• Our visionary A I  which conjures up reasons people should work with you.
Translation : A beacon to navigate your non-linear, chaotic career transitions, job opportunities, and the sea of tough choices.

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