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You Can Hack the Universe

Systems follow rules and patterns, and therefore always respond to your hacking .

  1. The global economy
  2. Your national economy
  3. The industries where you're looking for jobs
  4. The organizations to which you keep sending your resumes
  5. Your fellow job applicants
  6. You yourself: at the levels of atoms, molecules, cells, biomes, or moods and emotional states.

Hacking comes in a rich variety: rational or intuitive, scientific or artistic, methodical or just plain random crazy.

You will be so excited to see so many opportunities where you can make a big difference with your hacking attitude.

  1. Our History has proved this.
  2. Our Universe has proved this.
  3. Our Moral systems/religions have proved this.
  4. And, Nature (such as plants, animals, living organisms, rivers, trees, planets, etc) has proved this.

Why We're Worth 10 Times as Much

Like a dream come true, we help you reach your true potential in this life.

Once you clearly know

  1. What you truly want
  2. What you can do, given the opportunities we open your eyes to
  3. What you can do with "horizontal" attacks. "Horizontal" means from outside one's industry.( credit: "Marketing 4.0"), or from outside one's expertise (credit : "Rules for the Radical")

10 times more

Once you clearly know even a few of those above:

  1. You won't sit still. You won't cower. You will act. (Agency)
  2. This action will have extra punch and power and venom because you have conviction because you've seen precedents and examples with your own eyes.(Self-efficacy)

For agency/initiative alone, or for self-confidence/faith alone , aren't we worth US$ 500 or more?

Our So-called "Competitors"

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