State, Question, Order

I watched the movie.
Did you watch the movie?
What movie did you watch?
Watch the movie.

She goes to the mall.
Does she go to the mall?
Where does she go?
Go to the mall.

They call him Captain Burma.
Do they call him Captain Burma?
Why do they call him Captain Burma?
Call him Captain Burma.

You already know the frist sentences of each group. They are called "Statements".


The second sentences of each group, are "Questions". They come in 2 types:
Yes/No Questions and Open/Wh Questions.


To understand the fourth sentences of each group, recall what you learned in "Infinitive, Auxiliary/Modal Verbs."
"I want to go. I can go. " become "Go."
Then we call it "Order, Command, Request."
Signs on roads, worksites, public places are good examples : "Slow down," "Stop," "Do Not Enter," etc.

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