To get clues to your destination ...

Look widely. Expand your view manageably. Can you learn from
  1. Other people, other companies
  2. Other industries, other fields of study, other branches of science
  3. Other ages of history, etc?
Our emotions often make us blind and deaf to what we don't want to see or hear. Terms like "willful ignorance", "Denial" refer to such tendencies.
Check again the assumptions, the facts, the options and alternatives you have rejected as impractical or silly.

See aslo
  1. The Japanese saying: 'The wider your perspective, the harder to get lost.'
  2. Steve Jobs's Wide Lens, there is even a book with that title.
  3. Before they open a shop in a neighborhood, why do you think Starbucks check grocerries and laundry shops in that neightborhood? Because they want to see if people there are well-to-do and adventurous with foods.
  4. Hitler failed to see the route through Iran to Russia, which would take just about 4 divisions.