To produce new ideas ...

Day-dream, pretend, make-believe like kids or Einstein or Picasso. Can you behave as if you're wise and brave? What would the answer be if you do already know it? Look deep and wide inside your rich inner mindscape. It already knows more than you know.

Imagine. Can you visualise a way out of your troubles? A way to a brighter future? Under what conditions would you call yourself a success? (Then, go create those conditions.) Can you imagine or dream a future where you will be more successful, beautiful, popular or healthy?

Concerning the knowledge you are not aware of yet:
  1. Richard Feynman,a famous American physicist, made his name by exploiting the 'unknown-knowns.' Those are the things that you already know but you are unware of them or you fail to connect the dots.
  2. Confucius remarks: one qualified to instruct can make a new knowledge out of two existing pieces of knowledge.
  3. Logic e.g. (1) You know you can drive from A to B. (2) (1) You know you can drive from B to A. Then,the new knowledge is you can drive from A to C. There are so many such transformations in logic. But you don't need to study formal logic. You can use most of them instinctively.

Concerning imagination:
  1. Abduction, as opposed to Induction and Deduction
  2. Einstein: Logic gets you from Point A to Point B, but imagination can get you ANYWHERE.