Examples: Positioning Secrets

1. Add in Hot Baits

e.g. Sometimes just one or two buzzword can make you hot. You just mumble them and they ask you to stand before a mirror and breathe.
They then look at the mirror and if turns cloudy (because of you breath), they decide you are still alive and hire you.
The skills described in those letters are so hot, so much in demand that they wouldn't test you any more.

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2. Spy on Real Needs

e.g. You are an architecture grad in Toronto. Architecture firms in Canada almost automatically rejected all such fresh grads.
You had to take a low-pay job at a long-form print/photocopy shop.
A few months later you got so many offers from those same architecture firms. What new stuffs did you add in your resumes?

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3. Select and Combine Skills

e.g. You've got a Physical Education degree. You're ambitious, aiming for some big roles in pharma companies.
What value would you highlight in your chats?

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4. Reframe, Re-interpret Skills

e.g. You had a BA(English). UK was giving only 200 visas a year for super-super tech talent. You needed a big job to qualify for such visa. How will you introduce yourself to potential employers?

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5. Reframe, Re-interpret Skills

e.g. You are a journalism major. Will you become a successful content designer and content strategist at major tech companies of the world?

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Examples: Networking Secrets

1. Give Sample/Proof of Ability

e.g. You are good, but not too good in AI research. How can you get jobs in top AI companies e.g. DeepMind?

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2. Backdoor: Acqui-Hire

You cannot get your foot in any of BIG Corps (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc.).

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3. Find Work, Not Job

If the economy is really really bad, can you still get a job?

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