Sample Problems and Solutions

1.  Singapore,  Secondary 4,  A Math

How do I answer this question? GCEO A Math 2017, No. 10. The attached file is named "am_2017_10.jpg"


s4 am prob1

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2.  Singapore,  Secondary 4,  E Math
How would you solve this? It was GCE O E-Math 2016,No.17.

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3.  Singapore,  Primary 6,  Math
At first, John had some $10 notes and $2 notes in the ratio of 3 : 8. After exchanging two $10 notes for $2 notes, the ratio of $10 notes to $2 notes became 1 : 3.
Find the amount of money John had.

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4.  Singapore,  Primary 6,  Math
Jess wants 200 ribbons of length 110 cm for a party. However, the ribbons were sold at 25 m per tape.

How many tapes will Jess need?

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5.  Singapore,  Primary 6,  Math
The figure below shows the net of a cube. Find its volume .

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6.  Singapore,  JC 1,  Math
A tricky vector question is here. Pls solve this. Urgent. Due in next 3 days.

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7.  Singapore,  JC 1,  Math
A question about functions. Can you solve that for me?

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8.  Singapore,  Secondary 4,  A Math
Please show me how to solve this problem. GCEO A Math 2017,No. 6. Picture in am_2017_6.jpg

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9.  Singapore,  Primary 6,  Math
In the figure below, PQRS is trapezium. TQR and PQU are straight lines. Find the angle x.

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10.  Singapore,  Primary 6,  Math
How many faces are there in the solid below?

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