For Students
  1. You pay at Paypal, a big, famous website. Your financial data are stored ONLY there.
  2. When you pay at Paypal, Paypal charges some small fees. Then, the remaining amount becomes your Paid Points(PP).

  3. When a teacher solves one of your problems or questions, you pay that teacher with your PP's.
  4. The minium cost of a problem is 10 points( approximately 10 cents ). But, if you offer to pay only 10 cents for a big problem, no teacher may solve it for you. Be considerate.

  5. When you read a premium lesson, take a premium exercise etc, you pay that teacher with your PP's, too.

For Teachers
  1. You don't need to pay at all to teach on
  2. When you solve a problem/question, you get 80% of Paid Points(PP) that the student has agreed to pay. 20% goes to us.
  3. The same goes for the lessons, quizzes etc that you create.

  4. 1 PP (Paid Point) equals approximately 1 US cent. When you have earned more than USD 100 ( = 10,000 PP's), we will pay you through Paypal or some other means. We have recorded the full list of payments for you. As a handy check, you can see the last 10 payments to you at Teacher's fees Check.

  5. Bring your own students here. No other teachers will see them for at least 1 full-year. After 1 year and if the student agrees, that student will be your own for another year and so on indefinitely!