For Students
  1. You pay at Paypal, a big, famous website. Your financial data are stored ONLY there.
  2. When you pay USD 5, Paypal charges us USD 0.50. Then, we get USD 4.50 and you get 450 Paid Points(PP).

  3. When you post a problem/question, we take some of your PP(paid points) and turn them into Reserve Points(RP). When a teacher solves your problem, we pay that teacher with your RP's, which is now gone forever.

  4. If your problem remains unsolved for a long time, you can reclaim your RP's. For that, you pay some very small admin fees.
  5. The minium cost of a problem is 10 points( approximately 10 cents ). But, if you offer to pay only 10 cents for a big problem, no teacher may solve it for you. Be considerate.

For Teachers
  1. You don't need to pay at all to teach on
  2. When you solve a problem/question, you get 80% of Reserve Points(RP) that the student has suggested or agreed to pay. 20% goes to us.

  3. 1 RP (Reserve Point) is approximately 1 US cent. When you have earned more than USD 100 ( = 10,000 RP's), we will pay you through Paypal or some other means. We have recorded the full list of payments for you. As a handy check, you can see the last 10 payments to you at Teacher's fees Check. To see that, you need to sign in as a teacher.

  4. Bring your own students here. No other teachers will see them for at least 1 full-year. After 1 year and if the student agrees, that student will be your own for another year and so on indefinitely!