Powers of AI Chats

Play with ChatGPT, Bard(Google) and Meta AI (Facebook). With an absolute freedom.

Play doesn't take too much brains. Each AI chat has read billions of web pages and paper pages. They can find you anything that has been recorded in human history. You just give them some silly, playful clues and cues. Ask them anything!

Here's an example:

Your Networks,
Employers' Networks,

Jobs/ Job Ads
Your SEA Jobs HID
(Skills, Education, Achievements, Previous Jobs,
Hobbies, Interests, Dreams)

      Benefits You Can Sell
Now I number the items in the above figure:
  1. Your Networks,
  2. Employers' Networks,
  3. Jobs/ Job Ads

  4. Your Skills,
  5. Your Education,
  6. Your Achievements,
  7. Your Previous Jobs,
  8. Your Hobbies, Your Interests, Your Dreams

  9. Benefits You Can Sell

1. Empty Prompts

They are questions about any of the 9 itmes above, without any additional data points as clue/cues.

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2. Prompts with Your Help

They are question with some additional data points as clue/cues.

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3. Prompts with Long Input

They are question with some long text as input.

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4. Prompts that Connect

These questions connect any of the 9 itmes above to any other items.

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5. Prompts That Narrow

They reduce the number of choices in the responses. Even silly, insignificant new data points narrow the output.

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